Staying Safe

Staying Safe

onlinepayment.previewUnfortunately, the field of charity is not always full of those whom wish to give, but those whom wish to take because of greed. We invite you to read this page and exercise caution when do any form of charity. Here are a few types of risks and solutions:

1. Online Risk

Because of the ease and speed of quick online monetary donations, it has became a go-to for millions every year. Virtual donations can be fielded through computer, but now through mobile devices as well.

Advice: when making any virtual donation, ensure SSL encryption during the transaction. This is verified by viewing the web address and ensuring “https” is displayed. Additionally, when donating to websites that have not existed as long as other reputable websites, we recommend the use of PayPal to ensure protection on both ends.

2. Safety Risk

This risk is not inflicted by another, rather it is the nature of some volunteer work. A great example is Habitat for Humanity; they construct homes for the less fortunate. The work their volunteers conduct, by nature, is hazardous: sharp power tools, flying debris, exposed nails, swinging hammers, and more are all added to the mix.

Advice: ensure you are aware of and properly follow all safety procedures given by the charity. Safety does not only involve you, but everyone else as well.

3. Political Risk

As absurd as it sounds, there are varying degrees of political risks when volunteering reaches beyond our country’s borders. The Peace Corps is a great example of this. While making a significant impact to underprivileged communities of foreign nations, there are risks inflicted upon volunteers when the political/government environment is turbulent whether from radicals or the government itself.

Advice: again, strictly adhere to the charity’s safety procedures. Additionally, when traveling outside the United States, ensure your closest relatives or friends know of your travels, but more importantly, you know of and are visible to the nearest U.S. Embassy.