Ways to Donate


There are countless ways to donate. Most often those in search of charity-giving stick to providing time, money, or goods; however there is more. The American Red Cross is one of the U.S.’s longest existing or most visible organizations that are dedicated to serving the nation. Click on their image to view the sort of “ways” they look for donations.

redcross-logoHere are a few examples of conventional and non-conventional ways to donate:

  • Donating gift cards (restaurants, clothing stores, etc.)
  • Volunteering your service/time (cooking or delivering meals)
  • Donating money to reputable organizations
  • Cleaning out your closet and donating clothes or shoes (just make sure they are in good condition!)
  • Donating your profession – you’re good at what you do for work, why not do it to help others too?
  • Charity ambassador – help a charity organization “get the word out” about their services or rally more volunteers
  • Sharing social media – something new to the digital age, simply ‘liking’ or ‘sharing’ a charity organization’s fan page, news, events, or updates is an instant volunteering opportunity that can make a big impact

The opportunities to give-back are endless and as vast as your imagination. Charity Central encourages you to collaborate with friends and family on ways that you, or as a group, can donate. Also be sure to check out our page on Types of Donations.