Partnering with Existing Charities


There are many reasons why partnering with existing charities makes more sense than starting your own.  Community Partners summed up a few of those reasons as follows:

“Nonprofit corporations recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) are subject to a wide array of filing and regulatory requirements under local, state and federal law, and must continue to operate tax-exempt programs to maintain exemption from tax. Countless examples exist of nonprofits that have neither the time nor the resources to comply with these various requirements. There are innumerable other examples of nonprofits that waited until after obtaining recognition of tax-exempt status to test their programs, found that the programs were not feasible, and never began to operate the charitable programs.

In either case, the consequences of noncompliance can be dire. Failure to comply with applicable laws may result in taxes and fees that can grow to thousands of dollars if left unpaid. Organizations that fail to operate charitable programs can lose their tax exemptions and become subject to income taxes. Directors and officers can be held personally liable if they do not take due care to cause their organizations to comply with the law. Individuals who form a new nonprofit corporation often find themselves spending a lot of time and energy on corporate and tax compliance instead of focusing on the important work of developing and starting up their charitable programs.” – Community Partners

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