Volunteer Categories

Categories of Charities

Whether you are looking for a volunteer opportunity which fosters socialization or an opportunity to show your kids how great it feels to give of yourself, the following is a list of charities for each category.  Please feel free to add to our list or make recommendations to share with other volunteers.


Family Friendly

Family volunteering

American Red Cross

Catholic Relief Services

Habitat for Humanity

Locks of Love

Puppies Behind Bars

Purple Heart Homes

Samaritan’s Purse

The Salvation Army

Wounded Warrior Project

Most charities sponsor activities that are family friendly.  It may require you to call for information about a local 5K or a date when lots of manpower is needed to load trucks, package holiday meals, etc.

Fun for Kids

kids thumbs upThe Humane Society

Special Olympics

Kids should always be supervised appropriately in volunteer circumstances.  However, there are many activities in which kids are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  Lots of energy and a good, safe environment are key elements of success!

Singles Socializing

habitat couple

American Cancer Society

FBI Agents Association Scholarship Fund

Feal Good Foundation

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Local homeless shelters

Many charities sponsor annual golf tournaments, 5K/10K runs, motorcycle rides or trips out with a special needs population.  These are great ways to meet other single volunteers who enjoy giving as much as you do!

Good Weather Activities

kids collecting trash

You don’t have to be associated with a particular organization to contribute to the world around you.  On any given day you can clean trash from your neighborhood park, mow the lawn of an elderly neighbor, plant flowers in the yard of a sick friend, or sign up to pass out water at a local fundraising 10K.