Finding the Right Fit


We all want to volunteer, but we often feel that volunteering means complete giving to the cause. While that is the case with your time, it doesn’t have to be with your schedule. Volunteering should be something that you’re able to do without taking over priority of other significant facets of your life. Take a look below for 4 Steps on how to start finding the charity that’s a perfect fit for you.

1. Decide what causes you are passionate about. Some common causes include abused or abandoned animals, domestic abuse victims, homeless people, inner city children and victims of disaster.

2. Connect with your local Red Cross and other charity organizations. (See our “List of Volunteer Charities” page for a good start!)  These experts will provide a wealth of information when it comes to letting you know when and where your services are needed. They can also help get you connected to other non-profit organizations. Beyond that, check your local yellow pages for a charity of your choice.

3. Let the organization know your skills. Whether you are able to do construction, cook, provide administrative support, talk to a person in need or just hold someone’s hand, there is a person or an animal or a cause that needs you.

4. Consider your schedule. Are you able to devote several days a week or just an hour or two a month. No matter how much or how little time you have, every minute you can volunteer makes a difference.


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